FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to connect our support centre?

 24/7 Helpline services are available for the customer help and feedback.

How to see the location of employee?

  Admin or Senior Manager can see the location of the employee .Just login through the login id and password provided by the company and then go location page and click on the location list of the employee. Take a tour

How to regian the password?

 Just by clicking on the forget password, in the Login, new password will be sent to the registered user EMAIL Id.

Can employee uninstall Nimboli?

  No, only addmin or Senior manager can uninstall Nimboli app.

Do my employee need internet connection all time?

 Yes, employee needconnection all time.

Do I need install Nimboli in Manager phone also?

 No,Nimboli needs to be installed in employee phone only.

Can I have different phone and different carriers(SIM)?

Yes, why not. You can use any mobile and any SIM for your employee phone.

How to activate application?

Just create an account of an employee on our website and after than fill up user id and password in Nimboli app installed in android mobile phone.

Which OS support your application?

Android OS.

Can I see the image of the particular after and before work??

Yes,Just employee need to capture the image, before and after work.

What is the way of the attendance?

User can give attendance through the voice and image.

How to employee submit the work report.

Just take images of the work related and submit to the assign department

Is Nimboli Easy to Use?

The answer is Yes, an organisation install application in their employee’s mobile device easily and can apply settings on a click.

Simply installing Nimboli once has let an Enterprise to have all the calls, sms messages, location, attendance and work report of their employees.