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Our aim is to enhance the benefits of a mobile phone besides the basic feature of attending voice calls and sending & receiving SMS. We are creating innovative mobile applications to improve the overall productivity of an Enterprise.
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Why Product name Is given Nimboli

“Nimboli” is a fruit of the Neem tree. It has various medicinal values, therefore, hugely beneficial for a human body but tastes bitter. Our solution draws inspiration from “Nimboli”, therefore, is extremely beneficial to an Enterprise but may be disliked by field employees
This solution enables quick traceability of employees in the field, pushes transparency & accountability to a much higher level, improves the speed of flow of information from employees in the field to their respective reporting heads and has positive impact on the expense reimbursement for conveyance bills for the field force. Overall, it can enable an organization to be very agile and responsive to the needs of its customers impacting the bottom-line of the organization big-time.

Other Areas

B2B(Buisness To Buisness)
Comprehensive ERP

Is Nimboli Easy to Use?

The answer is Yes, an organisation install application in their employee’s mobile device easily and can apply settings on a click.


Simply installing Nimboli once has let an Enterprise to have all the calls, sms messages, location, attendance and work report of their employees.