Development Model

Three keys for an enterprise implementing Agile are process, tools and discipline. We follow the and firmly believer in our model of Agile and have keys to implement. We work with process We Depends more on tools of creating high interactive GUI and Interfaces. Discipline


Android, JAVA, ASP.NET


  • Challenge in tracking key parameters in Production across area and facility

  • Difficulty in getting customized reports for various parameters.

  • Poor visibility by management on the performance.

  • Need to get instant insight to all information necessary for effective decision making.

Benefits of our solution will make
  • Improved visibility on the overall performance of Production by area/facility.

  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced cost of operation and maintenance.

  • Reduced downtime for repair/maintenance.

  • Effective decision making on Production by the supervisor

CRM Mobility

Today Scenario of globalisation and rapidly expanding organizations have to manage large, dispersed, mobile workforces, while coordinating with customers who demand rapid responsesand updates. In order to fulfil mobility solutions have some challenges on the enterprise

  • Impact on productivity

  • Delayed sales closures

  • Limited access to opportunities developments and reports

  • Limited CRM access

  • Limited access to approvals

Benefits of our solution will make
  • Real time connectivity and access to critical information, anytime, anywhere.

  • Improved deal closer rate

  • Improved revenue performance

  • 90% sales cycle reduction, quicker customer on-boarding, faster decision making

Nimboli Mobile Solution
  • Create Report

  • Receipt Capture

  • Attach Receipt

  • Auto Routing

  • Review Reports

  • Attendance Marking.

  • Submit Report

  • Payment Alerts

Our scope(practices which makes us unique)

Our Professionals are trained in delivering quality, our practices enables us to satisfy a mob of enterprise with our solution. Our entirety and vision make us unique from the market as enough to lead today scenario. Quality is our priority and always stretches ourselves to grow and makes us go forward.

Our Expertise

We are experts in mobility and web portals from managing the thousands of employee by single mobility solution. We have a high technology base which enables us to fulfil every demand of our clients.