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What is our motto

We aim at creating a solution the new found craze in mobile phones. From very young ages children are given mobile phones, initially for some purpose but eventually it just becomes a major source of distraction. Mobile phones are also a cause for low academic performance and inferior over-all development. Through this product of our we are aiding parents in controlling their children in a peaceful manner.
What we will provide

As of now we are providing an application to control the usage of mobile phones. Through very simple steps parents can control all the feature of a mobile phone and stay relaxed.
Who we are

Gingerbox is founded by a team that has many years of experience in the electronics industry overseas especially dealing with RF designs, Mobile/Data Communications globally We have been innovative and always in the look out to solve the problems, which may hinder growth or sharing of information. Our continous effort to bring new innovative product solution and the ability translate a design concept into a solution In pursuance to achieve goals we have been successful in bring a very important device which enables the young once to carry the device yet the usage of it can be controlled