Explore Nimboli

Nimboli Application is a business to business solution (B2B). Nimboli connects the field employee to the office without any effort; it provides traceability of employees in the field, brings live report of the related work to the web interface, gives logs of the activities done over the mobile device and as a result delivers efficiency, productivity, transparency & accountability to a much higher level.

What Is Nimboli ?

Nimboli is applicable to any size of enterprise. Its android based application with variety of features. It helps the Enterprise to track employee location, manage attendance, manage calls & SMSs and enable work reporting of the field force directly from their mobile phones.

Why Nimboli ?

Nimboli enhances productivity, brings in accountability, establishes visibility, increases predictability and improves communication with regards to employees operating in the field. It is must-have tool in the hands of the management.

How to Use ?

Install Nimboli App on the mobile phone (currently only Android phones) of employees and then activate it using a key. All reporting takes place on the web interface created for the admin of the Enterprise.


Is Nimboli Easy to Use?

Using Nimboli application is as simple as using any other mobile application. The user interface is kept very simple keeping in view the knowledge level of field staff.

Simply installing Nimboli once has let an Enterprise to have all the calls, sms messages, location, attendance and work report of their employees.